Customer Comments

"George, those are absolutely splendid, championship-quality cherimoyas! Many thanks."

"Your Blood Oranges are just too damned good and the cheramyoas are outta this world. Saluto!!.."

I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue AGAIN. It has been a long time since I have seen such wonderful customer service! Your replies are quick, your deliveries fast, your prices amazing, and your special attention to customer solutions is downright phenomenal. You have made a regular customer out of me. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.
Keep up the good work.
Pam, Aliso Viejo

"Your Persimmons they were the best I ever had outside of Israel."

"The Reeds are fantastic this year. Delicious and buttery. Insides are absolutely flawless. I just ordered some more. Thanks for the best avocados. "

"Thank you for the wonderful lemons!! So sweet, Just like last year!! Keep doing what you do, You have my business."

"And there will be a next time because we love your cherimoyas. You will definitely hear from me late this year when I start asking you how much longer it will be until cherimoya season! Also, I was wondering when guavas are in season and which kind(s) you grow. Do you ship those also?"

"Hello, I received the pomegranates in excellent condition today and they are delicious. Since moving to south Florida, I haven't been able to get quality pomegranates in the grocery stores. I am so happy to have found your service."

" cherimoya shipment I received it yesterday. Fantastic! Beautiful! Wonderous! Thank you so much. They are the most delicious I've ever eaten. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated."

"I wanted to let you know that my passion fruit order arrived yesterday in perfect condition and I am THRILLED. The fruits are gorgeous and their aroma is what I have been dreaming of. They are very hard to find in Massachusetts. Thank you so much!"

"Thanks ... the lemons arrived on Thursday, and look lovely. Many thanks."

red pomegranate "My Mom called to say that your pomegranates are some of the very best she has ever had!! And I can tell you she does know her pomegranates. When I told her they were organic she could not believe it - they were just beautiful in every way. I just wanted to let you know how much your hard work and preservation of our sacred planet is appreciated."

"I received your order today, thank you for the wonderful fruit. I placed another order for my Mom for ten pounds. If you don't have that amount, that is fine, just let me know and maybe I can pick out some lemons or limes. I hope you have a few beauties left for my great Mom!!"

George: Thanks very much. The package arrived today, and my kids love it. Thanks for the good service.

The Reed avocados you sent us a couple weeks back were absolutely superb. Even my daughter, who dislikes avocados in general, found them irresistible. I placed an order for another 10 pounds today and I am sure there will be more orders to follow. Thank you!!!

"I wanted to tell you that my order for pomegranates arrived about a week ago. The fruit was wonderful. These are the best pomegranates I have had. Local availability in Wisconsin is limited and the fruit is not nearly as good as those I bought from you. With the limited picking time and availability of the fruit, it is so much more satisfying to get the best fruit possible."

Asian Guava Inside "I ordered some lemons for my mother who is a shut in. She was really pleased with the lemons. She is diabetic so she eats lemons to flavor her water. She said they tasted like the ones she used to pick from her Aunts trees. Thanks."

"I do want to tell you how great the lemons were my son sent me last week. I have had to share with all of my family and I need more already! I will be a loyal customer. I have grapefruits on the way also! I will share your website with my friends and family. Thank You."

"Your lemons are far superior to the organic lemons I'd been purchasing at the local Whole Foods Market, and at a much better price point, too - though when it comes to price, supporting a family farm takes precedence."

"Many thanks for making the effort to bring your excellent produce directly to the consumer."

"The entire process of ordering, paying through my PayPal account and the timely, undamaged delivery was very easy. I plan on using your company much more in the future.

The fruits came yesterday in almost perfect condition! My wife and I immediately ate two!!:) Thank you!"

"George, I just wanted to let you know how much my parents enjoyed your cherimoyas... it's nothing like they've had before. Which kind do you grow? I'll be placing another order before the end of the month. Thanks."

"I enjoyed my previous order of 2 boxes of the same about a week and a half ago. I applaud and commend you for your extraordinary quality of fruit and fair prices. Thank you for being there."

"I ordered some lemons for my mother who is a shut in. She was really pleased with the lemons. She is diabetic so she eats lemons to flavor her water. She said they tasted like the ones she used to pick from her Aunts trees. Thanks."

"Glad to let you know. Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, and begins with a good plate of fruit for each of us. In cherimoya season the two of us share one of the really big ones or two of the small-to-medium ones. Just halved and eaten with a spoon, nothing added. Delicious, and a wonderful start to the day. When we are both around, a box lasts us just over a week of breakfasts. Occasionally we give one to a friend, or use one in a fresh-fruit dessert when we have guests. I grew up passionate about fruit, and my lady has caught the passion too."
Hass avocado

"george, yes indeed. the same weight approx 10 lbs would be great, as soon as you can ship them.....we eagerly await the ever."

"george, those cherimoyas were the best my husband and i ever tasted, is it too late to order another 10 lbs?"

"The cherimoyas were amazing. They were better than the ones we had in Hawaii-the first time we ever ate them. Yours are the best."

"I just ordered another 5 lbs. Pick me some great ones. A little California sunshine goes a long way in Connecticut in February."

"Alright, Ok.. Just listen This is my third order... (May 4, 2008) Your Blood Oranges are just too damned good and the cheramyoas are outta this world. Saluto!!..."

"I appreciate your service!"

"Hopefully we'll make some cherimoya converts this week. I appreciate your service!"

"George, those cherimoyas are beauties! Couldn't be nicer, and will grace our table next week. Many thanks."

"Thank You for getting the Cherimoyas here so fast. My wife was very very happy to get them. Can you please tell me how to tell they are ripe and how to eat them. I do not want to ruin them so I have not even cut into one yet. Thanks for a special birthday present"